Dance Classes

On Monday afternoons throughout February and March a very jolly group of intrepid members aided by the talented (and very patient!) dance teacher Angelo Ruggieri from have been learning to tango, foxtrot, salsa and waltz their way around the Dickens suite in the Dickens Inn. It has been huge fun and as a group of non-dancers they have greatly enjoyed the experience of learning both ballroom and Latin dances as their comments below testify. We are now asking for "expressions of interest" from all interested members with regards to starting the next series of classes in September – absolutely no prior dance experience is required and you don't need to be part of a couple to come along – we actively encourage singles – particularly men, to come and join the fun! Please click here if you would like to register to receive further information about the next series of classes.

"Loved our dance classes!  Have enjoyed getting to know other members in a relaxed atmosphere. Angelo is a caring and patient instructor, who includes everyone regardless of ability.  He is an engaging and entertaining teacher, who always makes the classes fun!" 

"Gentle exercise tick Enjoying company of friends tick Increased self-esteem (you always thought you had two left feet!) tick Angelo's dance class has all this and more - and it's great fun!"

"To learn anything new as we grow older is very good for the brain and dancing certainly exercises both brain and body so well. To have the opportunity to share it with fun friends, both concentrating and giggling is a perfect gift!"